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New Year Reflection Time!

It’s that time of year again, as we approach the end of one and look ahead to a new beginning with the start of a new year.

While we can technically pause to reflect on where we are at any time, there can be a mix of pressure and magic that feels much more palpable at this time. So this document invites you to take a little ‘me time’ to get cosy and curious and reflect back on the year just passed to help you prepare for the new one ahead.

Perhaps you are feeling good about what you accomplished, or maybe you are feeling like you didn’t get to achieve all the things you set out to, taking time to reflect is essential for our wellbeing and learning.

Almost everyone feels not enough at one time or another - we haven’t done enough, haven’t got enough, aren’t good enough, but the reality is almost always, we do more than enough and ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH already – we just tend not to see it.

The reflection workbook is full of questions to allow you gently explore what went well in 2023, encourage you to see what you learned and to help you see what you want to leave behind as you enter a new year, as well as what you want to cultivate more of.

New Year Reflection Workbook 2023
Download PDF • 11.49MB

Enjoy it,

Love Claire

P.S. If you or someone you know would like some support with what you want to work on in 2024, please reach out for a free intro call together to see how coaching could help you.

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