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The value of investing in YOU

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

The most valuable investment you will ever make is working on YOU!!

It is so easy to put time, effort, money and energy into others, but if you pause and ask how much do you invest in yourself, for many the answer is very little. So much of it comes down to how we love, prioritise and treat ourselves, how much self-love do we practice? And this can be so hard for people who find it so easy to give their love to others.

Self-love is something that comes up time and time again in coaching. When I ask about self-love, clients often tell me they would feel selfish if they prioritised themselves in any way. Yet so many tell me they want to change because they believe if they find more happiness and fulfillment, it will improve relationships, friendships, quality of family life, work life balance and more.

While self-love can denote a sense of being indulgent, it is fundamental in the ways in which we show up in our external relationships. When you feel good about yourself, it radiates out of you and has ripple effects in all areas of your life.

Wanting change and being kinder to yourself is a SELFLESS, generous and loving act. And while I fully believe you owe it to YOURSELF to change and live a life you want, it is beautiful to want to change because you believe it will also improve the lives of loved ones.

And remember, the relationship you have with yourself will be the longest, most important one of your life. Make it a great one. Invest in YOU. Be kinder to you, believe in you and know you are enough.

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