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Career Coaching

Do you ever find yourself saying things like ‘there has to be something more or better than this’ but don’t know what more is or where to start? Or perhaps you feel ready for something new, but are afraid to explore change until you have more clarity on what the right step is.

We spend upwards of 80,000 hours working over an average lifetime, and so many of those hours are lost to unfulfilling, disappointing or draining jobs. 

As a career coach, I support clients with career clarity, change, direction, confidence and progression. It gives you the chance to figure out more about yourself, where you are at in life now, what excited and motivates you and ultimately to determine exactly what you want from your career and how to get it.


How does Career Coaching work?

Every client is unique and different so I offer a completely tailored approach specifically for you. Initially, we work to get to know where you are now in your career and how you got there, and more importantly, WHO YOU ARE now. We change a lot as we grow and develop, so understanding your values, what drives and motivates you, what interests you and what fulfills you NOW are critical in the coaching process. We will work to support you in finding alignment with who you are and what you do!

Secondly, we will explore your mindset and work together to uncover any beliefs that are limiting you. An important element of change is to work through the uncertainty and fear that it often brings. I will guide and support you to see past what is holding you back and open your eyes to your own potential and the joy that you can experience with the right career.

Finally, as you develop clarity and overcome any barriers, we put a plan of action in place to help you move forward to secure the career you want. You may want to explore job research, applications and ultimately interviews. I can help you to prepare and feel confident as you take these next steps.

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I offer coaching both face-to-face or online. As part of the process, I also offer additional exercises and reflective work to support you throughout the coaching experience. A session can be either 60 to 90 minutes depending on your specific needs and goals, and is usually takes somewhere between 3 and 6 sessions. 

Career Coaching helps with:

  • Gaining career clarity and direction

  • Exploring career change

  • Establishing career progression steps

  • Achieving work/life balance

  • Building confidence in the workplace

  • Identifying your strengths & skills

  • Creating an impactful CV / Cover Letter & LinkedIn profile

  • Interview and presentation confidence & preparation

Why work with me?

I’ve been there! I have experienced chronic stress and severe burnout. I lost sight of everything else in life, giving everything to work. For me, it was what I have named the change trap. On one hand, I was afraid of things staying the same but on the other I was so afraid of change and the uncertainty it brought and for so long this kept me stuck. I was deeply unhappy and dissatisfied, changed from one job to another, moved to different companies, took on more senior roles…but I felt no real change. I realised after time that I needed to do the deeper work to uncover what was really going on. Exploring where these feelings were stemming from and then working out how to resolve them was what made the difference for me. And it can for you too! It takes work, but I can help. 


My Qualifications

I am a qualified and accredited Life, Career & Executive Coach and have years of experience helping hundreds of people to improve their careers and ultimately lives. Depending on your needs, we can also explore wider life goals in our career coaching sessions. I believe it is vital that we bring the two together as we put so much of our time into our jobs and careers, that it naturally ripples out into our life outside of work. And vice versa; what we have going on in our personal lives may impact on work. I am also trained in Mindfulness and in the Science of Happiness and Wellbeing, which provide tools and techniques especially helpful for managing stress. This holistic approach ensures that every aspect is covered to ultimately support you in every way possible. You can read more about me here.

Most importantly, I love my job and so can you! Book a free discovery call today below to see how we can work together. 

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