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Find Career Clarity, Direction, Confidence and more in this full day, in-person workshop

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Planting Seeds of Change

5 week online workshop for real and lasting transformation in every
aspect of life

Career Bliss Workshop

Find Career Clarity. Direction and Confidence in this full day, in-person workshop

Next Workshop Dates - TBC - Please contact me below for dates

If you are experiencing dissatisfaction, boredom, or overall unhappiness in your career and are seeking change, this workshop is for you!

Over a full day we will explore many exercises in a safe, relaxed environment to help you get unstuck and find clarity, direction and more confidence to help you find a career that will bring you more joy, fulfilment and bliss!

Perhaps you find yourself often saying ‘there has to be something more or better than this job?’ or you already have an idea of what you might like to do but doubt and fear get in the way…


This workshop delves deep into becoming more aligned with yourself, understanding your personal and career values and the role they play in career happiness. We will explore and tackle any barriers or fears that have previously blocked your path. And of course, we will look at the all important next steps for you and your career.


This workshop will help you to:

  • Create alignment with who you are, where you are in life & your career

  • Understand your values and how they affect your career satisfaction

  • Uncover & tackle any barriers or fears around change in career

  • Get unstuck & deal with overwhelm

  • Find clarity on the direction you want to take with your career

  • Identify next steps towards the change

  • And lots more! All in a safe, cosy space with a group of like minded people

We work approximately 80,000 hours of our lives and I am committed to supporting people to enjoy those hours! You can absolutely have a job and career that is less boring, more rewarding and allows you to feel more balance and freedom.


As both a career and life coach, I fully believe in the importance of bringing the two together as we put so much of our time into our jobs and careers, that it naturally ripples out into our life outside of work. And vice versa; what we have going on in our personal lives may impact on work.


If this sounds like something that would support you, please book your spot today as spaces are limited. Fill out the 'contact' form below or pop me an email at to secure your place to find career bliss!

Cost: €150, with €50 deposit required

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Planting the Seeds of Change - Online Workshop

This 5 week online workshop is for anyone who has a dream, goal or desire that they would like to work on making a reality.


NEXT WORKSHOP STARTING SOON - to register your interest please fill out the form below.

Work with Claire and connect with a group of like-minded people who are also seeking change and are ready to make it happen. 

This heart-centred workshop will allow you to really connect with who you are, your dreams and hearts desires and help you to take steps towards making them a reality. 

This workshop might be for you if…

  • This past year has awoken a spark in you, shifted priorities and perspectives and heightened your awareness of what you really want in life

  • You have wanted something for a long time and can’t ever quite figure out how to start

  • If you have set goals in the past, but have not succeeded in making them a reality

What we look at in our five weeks:

  • The importance of investing in YOU

  • Understanding the significance of direction versus speed

  • Learning about the importance of the ‘how’ and ‘why’ versus the ‘what’ and ‘when’ with goal setting

  • Clarifying the desire/goal/vision – only by fully knowing what you want can you truly seek to achieve it

  • How pressure can lead to overwhelm, inertia and procrastination and how to stop pressure in its tracks

  • How to get on the path to success and overcome any hurdles along the way

  • Tackling limiting beliefs and the inner critic and what we call the 'fear zone'

  • Letting go of what has previously held you back from progress

  • Tuning in to your own heart, becoming your own best friend and cheer leader and learning the true value of self-love

  • Identifying some of the first steps to support taking action 

  • The importance of celebrating progression

  • Ultimately, experience more balance, freedom, joy and excitement for the year ahead and what you are working towards

  • Watch the seeds you plant begin to blossom 

WHEN:  Starting soon - please register your interest for the next course below. The course will be 7.30 – 9pm for 5 weeks.

WHERE: It will take place via online Zoom meetings.

COST: €200, with €75 deposit required to secure your place

Maximum 10 spaces available and are on a first come, first serve basis.
To sign up, complete the form below or email


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"Claire and the Planting Seeds of Change workshop are definitely the best thing that happened to me this year. Claire's kindness, understanding, generosity & knowledge is just wonderful. Nothing but good can come from doing this course. I really looked forward to my Thursday nights. I will always be grateful for meeting you."


"Being part of a course like this is a wonderfully compassionate reminder of the importance of having a circle of honest people who care about your well being, but also who'll push you in a loving way to finding your own solutions. I really felt heard and respected and supported by everyone in the group. It is just such a lovely thing. ️I'm feeling good about myself and proud of myself for working through stuff and having the courage to let go. Thank you for all I have learnt since doing your course and for being part of my my healing. You're a blessing."


"I really enjoyed the Planting the Seeds of Change course. The notes were very informative. It highlights how small changes in the way we think and feel can make a huge difference to achieving what we want in life. I would definitely recommend it for anyone who wants to wants to move forward and make positive changes in their lives."


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