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Personal Life & Career Coaching

What awaits you is the stars & sky

With transformational life and career coaching, you will work together with me in a safe, positive, confidential space. I work with a heart-centred approach to the coaching process (because we all need more love, compassion and kindness in our lives) and I will be fully committed to you and your transformation process as you go about creating the changes you desire in your life.

We will work together to open up your heart & mind to enable you to grow, develop and thrive. It is a space and time for you to tune in and just be your beautiful, wonderful self.

Throughout your coaching and transformational journey, you will experience wonderful insights, casting aside limiting beliefs and barriers that have been holding you back. You will gain clarity, confidence and will experience so many magical moments as your light starts to shine bright.

From career, relationships, health and wellbeing and general life, to work challenges like motivation, procrastination and stress I am there to help you reach your full potential and live a life that is true to you. See how I can help you below.

Why work with me?

I’ve been there! I spent far too many years of my life unhappy, unfulfilled, lacking self belief and self confidence and desperately wanting something different. But, to be completely honest, doing nothing to actually change anything...and as the saying goes "nothing changes if nothing changes"...and the years kept passing on by...

Eventually I chose to do the work on myself, and I transformed my life. For years now I have been helping others do the same. And I love it!

You can read more about my story here. Or book a free intro call below to see how life and/or career coaching might be exactly what you need to transform your own life.

Claire x

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