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being free

where real transformation begins...

Are you tired of feeling like you're stuck in a cycle of running but never getting anywhere? Do you find yourself constantly putting others' needs before your own, leaving little or no time for you? Perhaps you find yourself constantly feeling there has to be more to life than this, but you can’t quite figure out what ‘more’ is? Maybe you are in the middle of a transition in life and feel lost or afraid of what’s ahead. Ultimately, do you find yourself repeating patterns, or facing the same challenges despite trying to make change?

If any of this resonates, then a BEING FREE RETREAT is for YOU. This retreat is designed to support you to break free from everything that has held you back so far and rediscover the joy, freedom, balance and LIFE YOU DESERVE.

who are being free retreats for?

Being Free retreats are for everyone who feels stuck, lost and seeking change. We work with women who face crippling imposter syndrome despite seeming so confident on the surface and having significant accomplishments; women who find themselves spinning twenty plates all at once, terrified of letting one fall; women who feel guilty for working too much and not giving enough time to family, women who don’t work enough and feel guilty for setting bad examples; women who feel like their drowning or trapped in a never ending cycle; women who know the right things to do and can help others to do it, but struggle to give it to themselves; women who are stressed and burnt out, carrying not only the weight of expectations but the weight of significant responsibilities too….

This is a two day retreat specifically designed to give you permission to slow down, unwind, reflect and connect deeply with yourself in a way you have never experienced before…. To discover new parts of yourself that have been quietly and patiently waiting for you to welcome them back, parts that will guide you, cheer for you and awaken new possibilities in how you think, feel and act going forward. Parts that will quieten that inner critic or imposter that has held you back… Parts that give you the permission to break free and experience true transformation. 

why choose a being free retreat

Firstly, have you ever attended a retreat or workshop and came our feeling GREAT? But then quite quickly found yourself back to repeating same patterns or in the same old situation? Our Being Free retreat is different as we invite you to gently explore with us in a safe space not just what your behaviours, thoughts and feelings are, but where they came from and the significance they still hold today. 

So many people we work with experience deep understanding of themselves and a feeling of "things finally make sense" through the work we do. Many of our patterns, habits, beliefs, self-sabotage and more typically stem from our earlier years in life and the environment we grew up in. Be it our parents, siblings, wider family, teachers, friends or others, when we are young, we adapt to fit into our environments are therefore learn to accommodate those around us in order to have our core needs for connection, validation, love, attachment and ultimately safety met.

Many of us don't realise how these adaptations can become so deeply part of our identity that they feel like who we are, and therefore as adults we remain trapped in these vicious circles of things like people pleasing, perfectionism, hyper achieving, helping others and feeling like we don't belong.   

Our retreats support you with awareness, understanding and self-compassion along with an invitation to truly let go of anything that no longer serves you. To transform in ways that are true to YOU. All is a safe, non-judgmental, supportive space with like-minded people. 


what to expect

We have designed this retreat to be nothing like you’ve ever experienced before.  A gorgeous blend of relaxation, deep reflection, small and large group work, mindfulness and reconnection to your body. You will leave with a renewed connection to your goals and purpose, a new group of supporters and cheerleaders and permission to be your real authentic self.

The agenda itself will be fluid to ensure we meet the groups needs, but to give you a high level sense of what we will be doing:

Day One

The morning of day one is about meeting your new friends, relaxing into the process and connecting to where you are in your life, your work, goals and sense of purpose.

In the afternoon we will take a deep dive into how our learned (or adaptive) behaviours and thought processes can get in the way of us achieving what we really want in life.  Using our adaptive behaviours diagnostic and techniques from developmental trauma therapy, we will support you to uncover your blind spots and core saboteurs, understand how they are holding you back and discover ways of loosening their grip on you.


Day Two

Building on day one, we will explore how to re-frame challenging thoughts and feelings using the fabulous work of Byron Katie.

The final afternoon will be spent preparing for re-entry into the world!  Understanding the importance of self-care, collating your thoughts and learnings, making plans and commitments to ourselves and each other.

dates, locations & cost

We have chosen two beautiful locations for our retreats. Both are just a little bit out of the way to allow for a peaceful and relaxing setting, with the benefit of nature, but still easily accessible. To keep costs down and to give choice we have opted to make the retreats non-residential so that those who live locally can go home if they wish.  There are, however, hotels for a range of budgets within a few miles of each of our locations.  We will share details when you book.

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your hosts

We are Melody (left) and Claire (right) and we together we bring decades of knowledge and experience in coaching, executive and leadership development. (Melody has even wrote and published a book!)

We both thrive supporting people to live their best, authentic lives. We met studying Being Me Therapy where we spent three years together working with adults who experienced developmental trauma, childhood adversity and challenge, which impacts them in their current adult lives. Together we started to see patters and similarities in our individual work and how so many people are trapped or blocked due to things in their past. We decided to take our combined coaching experience and developmental trauma work into a new area - which is where Being Free Retreats emerged. 

We bring compassion, fun and energy into our work together and look forward to sharing it with you at our retreats.


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