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Tell me, what it is you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

This past few months, all of our lives have changed. Something has shifted. While Covid-19 unquestionably brought fear, uncertainty, anxiety, stress and sadly grief into some of our lives, it also brought so many wonderful things. It allowed parents an opportunity to spend more time with their children – a time those children will never forget. Many people suddenly became aware of the beauty that was on their doorsteps. Gardens are looking better than ever and bees and butterflies are everywhere. We became bakers, teachers, painters and decorators. We discovered recipes that ensured we used everything in the fridge. We missed people and longed for hugs like never before.

People united as we faced this together. Creativity flowed, kindness showed, hope flourished and life became a little bit simpler.

It has also been a time for great contemplation. We suddenly had space to pause, to think, to reflect. We had time to breathe, to dream, to connect.

I have had so many conversations with people this past few weeks about how being in lockdown has left them in a place of yearning for something different. So many people asking themselves ‘is this what I really want with my life?’

So, what if we use this time wisely? What if we allow ourselves to really tune in and listen to what it is we want ourselves to hear?

In Coaching we use the term ‘slow down to speed up’ quite often and this rare moment in our lives has allowed many people an opportunity to slow down. Why not also use it to take action to creating the life you truly want and to be who you want to be.

If you are someone who has been feeling this way, I invite you take this simple exercise to help awaken your heart, connect to your dreams and purpose and challenge whatever is holding you back.

Give yourself 20 minutes this week to explore a little.

Find a quiet space, take a paper and pen with you. Get comfortable (I like to wear my fluffiest socks), close your eyes, breathe calmly until you feel relaxed and ask yourself these questions. You can say them silently to yourself or speak them aloud if you prefer.

  1. Who am I? (Saying your name is a simple way to connect to yourself.)

  2. What activities am I most passionate about? (Think about it, allow yourself to feel it and connect to that feeling.)

  3. If I had no limitations, how would I spend my time? (Really picture this and enjoy visualising yourself doing what you love doing most.)

  4. Now ask yourself, what is holding you back from living this reality?

  5. Ask yourself, if you could remove that thing that holds you back, what one small step would you take right now towards living the life you want?

  6. Finally, sit and think about this experience. (Notice how you feel. Now write just one or two sentences capturing the essence of it. Keep it close and read it again every day this week.)

If you enjoyed this exercise and would like to know more about how Coaching could help you to really make change, you can read more here.

So ask yourself, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

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